Knowing the Journal of Electronic Court of the Superior Court of Justice

The Journal of Electronic Court of the Superior Court was established by Resolution No. 8, 20/09/2007.

According to article 1 of the afore mentioned resolution, it is a “[…] instrument of publication of judicial, administrative and
communication in general.” (BRASIL, 2007, p. 114). As a result, access has expanded, as is now online and free, allowing your query to the citizen to any computer with Internet access.

The article 2 states that the issues of the Journal will be digitally signed, “[…] meeting the requirements of authenticity, integrity, legal validity and interoperability of Infrastructure Brazilian Public Key – PKI-Brazil.” (BRASIL, 2007, p. 114), as the same way of the Official Gazette.

One point worth noting is mentioned in articles 3 and 4 on the publication. This mentions that the publication occurs on “[…] Monday through Friday, from 10:00 pm, except on national holidays, forensic and on days when there is no record.” (BRASIL, 2007, p. 114). It says that the date of publication is “[…] the first working day following the disclosure of information in the Journal of Electronic Court.” (BRASIL, 2007, p. 114). It is a common feature of the Journals, except its peculiarities, as can be seen in the User’s Electronic Court Journal of Taxes of the Finance Secretary of the São Paulo State.

There is also concern for the preservation and integrity of data, an issue addressed in Article 9 as increasingly recurrent publications will become digital. In addition, the Sole Paragraph of Article states that “It will be permanent archiving of publications in the Journal of Electronic Court.” (BRASIL, 2007, p. 114).

Finally, please note that the extension of the printed version of the diary was extended by Resolution No. 11 of 11/12/2007, which was maintained until 29/02/2008.

BRASIL. Superior Tribunal de Justiça. Resolução n. 8, de 20 de setembro de 2007. Diário da Justiça, Brasília, DF, 1 out. 2007. Seção 1, p. 114.

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